Discovery Communications
Building first-generation streaming tech for shows about chefs and sharks.

Everyone has a favorite Discovery Channel show. With brands like HGTV, Food Network, and Animal Planet - and beloved shows like Shark Week - Discovery creates about 8,000 hours of entertainment every year. Beyond the cameras, Discovery builds innovative tech into their platforms to reach fans across all genres and devices.

In 2016 as streaming was becoming the norm, InfernoRed joined forces with Discovery Communications’ digital media group to develop their modern generation of OTP streaming applications and products. The next few years were a wild ride of our most creative and challenging work.

Our software engineers built some of the first applications at Discovery to support streaming content for Smart TVs and mobile devices. We built a mobile web experience for Shark Week – called Shark Tracker – to view and follow tagged sharks all over the world. We took a crack at the first set of Amazon Alexa skills for Discovery. And we built the first Fire TV native application for their original flagship channel, Discovery GO.

Hands down, this is one of our best projects to date. We still can’t watch Shark Week without thinking about the code. (Or the teeth.)

Our software developers worked side-by-side with the digital media group at Discovery to build the first generation of mobile and streaming services.
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